Krátké zamyšlení v AJ o tom, jak vidí žáci velikonoční tradice

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 Krátké zamyšlení v AJ o tom, jak vidí žáci velikonoční tradice

Easter traditions are the second feast that my family celebrates a lot. It’s the beginning of spring. – I love it. Unfortunately, this year it doesn’t look the best with traditions.

            I like the colouring of the eggs, that’s part of Easter-of the remaining eggs is an excellent spread. I also really like Easter symbols like bunny, lamb or chick. I don’t have much love with Easter stick, but it’s tradition and I respect that – I don’t have a problem with it. I don’t know Easter traditions that I wouldn’t like.

            I take traditions as a part of my life. I’m used to them, I like them and I don’t want them to disappear in the future.

(Markéta Macháčková)


I am not a fan of Easter.  I am not Christian to celebrate the Resurrection, nor a little kid who wants sweets, so I am not going to celebrate it. The non-religious concept of Easter, at least what I think, is to get some better food from richer neighbours after winter. Nowadays, when we can buy whatever we want, I find Easter useless. I don’t think I will celebrate Easter when I grow up. Maybe, if I have kids and they really want to. But I would do it differently, not in a traditional Czech way, when only boys get sweets from hitting girls. I would do it like people from Germanic countries celebrate it – I would hide sweets around and my kids will go to look for them.

(Simona Studená)


Easter is known for being a Christian festival but for me it's mostly about celebrating the beginning of spring.

I like Easter traditions as any other because it's a nice change to our everyday life.

It's a time when I can relax, spend time and have fun with my family.

I enjoy colouring and painting eggs the most because I can use my creativity to the fullest.

I wish egg hunt would be common in the Czech Republic because it seems like a lot of fun.

I will keep Easter traditions because it's something which is unique for our country.

(Sára Kovaříková)

Přidáno 1. 4. 2021, autor: ZŠ Husova

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